203k & HUD Consultant

203k & HUD Experience

As a licensed HUD consultant, I was responsible for conducting inspections on behalf of customers who received 203k loans. A 203k loan is a special renovation or construction loan that allows homeowners to borrow their renovation costs and work on a home for 6 months before their loan rolls over into a 30 year fixed mortgage. My inspections of these properties confirmed and ensured that all FHA minimum standards and safety codes were met by the contractors or company working on the property.

ASHI AffiliateMy experiences with 203k contracting and as a HUD consultant led me down the path to become a certified residential home inspector. Having been present at and disappointed by inspections in the past, I saw the opportunity to make a difference by performing the quality home inspection you deserve. I’m an affiliate of ASHI, the American Society of Home Inspectors, and adhere to their high standards of practice.

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Garrett Fravell

Garrett Fravell

Owner & Inspector

Serving St. Louis, St. Charles, Lincoln, Warren and Pike Counties

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